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About the author

I am but a humble private investor and this newsletter is a part-time endeavour which I fit around my day job as the CTO of a small telecoms company.

I invest globally, but being UK-based, you might find that I have somewhat of a bias towards companies listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). This has as much to do with the disproportionately high concentration of cheap companies listed here, as it does other factors such as access and familiarity.

With regard to company size, I’m entirely agnostic and own shares in companies with market capitalisations ranging from $10m to $40bn. I tend to have a weighting towards the smaller end (<$1bn) as this is where I’ve found the most opportunities, but I’ll consider larger market caps without prejudice.

My personal hurdle rate, or cost of capital, is 15%, so everything in my portfolio has an expected annual return in excess of this figure.

This portfolio is also relatively concentrated, with between 5-10 positions - a number determined by my management capacity, as I follow each company closely and re-underwrite the investment at least once a year.

Due to my value investing bent, I’m focused on opportunities that offer a good amount of downside protection and an asymmetric upside. This can take various forms, but is always a feature of the companies I own.

Stock analysis

I have a growing library of write-ups that condense somewhere in the region of 80-100 hours of work into a 15-20 min read, designed to give you an in-depth overview of the company and the potential investment case.

A number of these write-ups have been very well received, attracting thousands of views, including in at least one instance, the CEO of the company.

The write-ups serve as both a learning tool for me, and part of my due diligence process when considering potential new investment opportunities.

You can find the complete archive of write-ups on the stock analysis page.

Weekly updates

In addition to the long-form write-ups, I also provide ongoing coverage of the companies in my portfolio through weekly updates. This will include looking at their financial results and any other key news items.

You can find the complete archive of these updates on the weekly updates page.

Portfolio updates

Finally, I provide notifications of all my buy/sell actions so you get full transparency as to what I own at any time.

You can find the complete archive of these updates on the portfolio updates page.


What I've described is my personal investing approach, which is specific to my circumstances and temperament. This may not be appropriate for you and is in no way intended as individual advice. The newsletter and website are for information purposes only and anyone following my recommendations should do their own due diligence. While every effort has been made to ensure the information contained is accurate, this cannot be guaranteed.

James Goodwin - author of Firm Returns

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