Portfolio changes 30/06/23

Today I sold 422 shares of Fuller's (FSTA) for an average price of £5.96, and used the proceeds to purchase 29,411 shares of tinyBuild (TBLD) for an average price of £0.085.

My total shareholdings of each respective company after the change were:

  • 1,000 shares of Fuller's (FSTA)
  • 52,723 shares of tinyBuild (TBLD)

I'll be providing a full update on tinyBuild in the coming weeks covering the 2022 annual report, the trading statement released yesterday, and the AGM which I attended. Needless to say, I remain positive on the company's mid-to-long-term prospects despite the near-term headwinds, as evidenced by my purchase today.

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Jamie Larson