Portfolio changes 03/07/23

Today I purchased a further 30,843 shares at an average price of £0.10375 per share, bringing my total holding to 83,566 shares.

My recent purchases have been quite aggressive, but these prices have allowed me to build a position that would have been unattainable just a year ago. Going back to the IPO, I'd have needed £141,226 to acquire what instead has cost me less than £18k. There were plenty of buyers back then, but they all seem to have disappeared. More than happy to take the shares off their hands at a >90% discount.

I've burnt through most of my cash now, so it's likely to be a quiet few months for portfolio updates as I rebuild my cash reserves.

As mentioned in the post I sent out on Friday, I'm working on an update on tinyBuild which will be sent out in the stock analysis newsletter.

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Jamie Larson