Bought 136 shares of WBD

This is just a quick update to tell you I bought a further 136 shares of WBD today for $12.05 per share, bringing my total position to 564 shares (worth ~£5,391 at the current price).

The stock has fallen steadily over the last few weeks and fell further today after the Q1 earnings release. I listened in to the earnings call and was pretty happy with what I heard; near-term there could be some issues, but things are looking promising with the expectation that DTC could turn profitable this year rather than next - as they'd previously forecast. I'll give you a proper update on the company soon.

I've taken this opportunity to buy on weakness, as the stock is currently 20% down on my initial purchase price. I'll most likely add more if the price continues to fall, but will have to weigh any purchase against the other opportunites available at the time. SOM, for example, is starting to look decidedly cheap, and is also around 20% down from my average purchase price.

As a side note, I've decided to keep these buy/sell notifications brief, so I can get them out to you quickly. I've had some constructive feedback about my last portfolio update, and plan to add a bit more comparative detail to better show price and shareholding changes. I'll release these as more thorough reviews on a quarterly basis.

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Jamie Larson